Friday, 9 June 2017

As Chelsea coach Conte wants Costa out, club owner Abramovich snubs him too

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Diego Costa’s desperate appeal for Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, to overrule manager Antonio Conte’s decision for him to leave the club, has fallen on deaf ears.
According to the UK Mirror, since last September when the Blues were thrashed 3-0 at Arsenal, Abramovich has created a gap in communication between the players.

The Russian billionaire visited the training ground at the time and as he was talking to Conte in the training ground canteen, a number of players tried approaching him only to be given short shrift.
The message from Abramovich was clear – the days of a hotline to the owner, either in front of or behind the manager’s back, were over.
So when Conte sent a text message to Costa telling him to find a new club for the new season, the Spain international tried to reach Abramovich and the silence was deafening.
“It’s a shame.” Costa said.
“I’ve already forwarded the message to Chelsea people to decide.
“But it is clear that the coach does not count on me and does not want me there.”

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