Tuesday, 13 June 2017

VIDEO: Spectators cheer to underage kids boxing, read why it is wrong

The boxing fanciers in the video above seem to have forgotten expert warnings on age limits of people qualified to participate in the game or they are just ignorant of the rule all together.

A video which appeared online on Tuesday showed two kids boxing for sport without any protection to the head. Spectators cheered them on as they battered each other.
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The youngest allowable age by boxing federations worldwide is 15 years.
Several experts have warned about the dangers of boxing in kids younger than fifteen.
Wearing head protection, even at 15 and beyond is advised so as to prevent boxers from suffering brain injuries, abnormality in the brain structureParkinson’s disease and early-onset Alzheimer’s later in life.
In August 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics urged its members to ‘vigorously oppose boxing for any child or adolescent’.
As many as one in five professional boxers may end up with so-called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain injury also known as dementia pugilistica, according to the AAP.
Paediatricians should strongly discourage boxing participation among their patients, the AAP said, and guide them toward alternative sport and recreational activities that do not encourage intentional head injuries, such as swimming, tennis, basketball, and volleyball.

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